Our Core Values


Safety is our number one priority because we want everyone to go home safe, every day, period. We believe safety starts at the top, but also know it is an individual responsibility to work safely and look out for the safety of those who work beside us. Within our business plan we ask our leadership group to play an active role in creating a safe environment. Every quarterly managers meeting, every corporate annual meeting, and every SWI University training program starts with a focus on safety. Participation in our strong safety program is monitored by our project management teams and outstanding safety efforts are rewarded through our unique safety recognition program. We remain committed to providing a safe environment for both workers and the public on our projects, whether within a downtown urban environment, adjacent to multi-lane highways and freeways, or alongside active freight rail operating corridors.


We produce quality work, because it is the right thing to do and it comes naturally to us. The quality of what we build is important to our immediate clients, but also directly impacts the lives of end users – the traveling public. At the core of our successful quality program is training for employees to understand our values. We have a Corporate Quality Control Manager who empowers our quality training program at the job level and enables the exchange of lessons learned across all job sites. We believe that the achievement of quality is the responsibility of the entire project team, and we are committed to providing the necessary training, support, materials, and tools to achieve quality excellence.


We are committed to sustainability at multiple levels of our company. As one of the few transit construction companies with a LEED Certified Gold headquarters building, we demonstrate that commitment through our internal practices as well as in the services we provide our clients. We are signatory to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Sustainability Initiative, and are represented on the Sustainability Committee for that organization. As part of this commitment, we are expected to successfully implement action items and goals, increasing our commitment to sustainability throughout our company.


Our commitment to the communities in which we work is best exemplified by the letters of recognition our employees have received. Many of these letters have supported our ability to win industry awards for the projects we build. We support the community at all levels of our organization. We encourage our employees to become active in local events, charitable pursuits, and lead and participate in other local activities to demonstrate our commitment to the community, while also lessening the impact of our work on local businesses and residents.


We respect diversity and understand the richness different backgrounds and experience can bring to a workforce. Our efforts to build a diverse workforce are an ongoing part of our corporate culture. We employ women and ethnic minorities at every level of our organization. We are proud to employ some of the most well respected female employees at the senior management level of the company. There is not a community in which we work where we are not recognized for our ability to achieve employee and subcontractor diversity.