Going Green

Stacy & Witbeck - Going Green
April 10, 2013

Author: Karen Jealous

SWI is going green one office at a time. Did you know that the Stacy and Witbeck Portland and Seattle offices have gone green? All Portland and Seattle electric accounts have gone 100% Green Power!

Through partnerships with Portland General Electric and Seattle City Light, Stacy and Witbeck has committed to 100% green energy for all electric accounts connected to our Portland and Seattle projects and offices!

What is Green Power

In Portland, Green Source is the Green Power option available. By purchasing the Green Source energy option, 100% of our electricity used is offset with renewable energy. Currently 42% of Green Source consists of new low-impact hydropower, 56% from new wind power, and 2% from biomass (wood waste) energy. By choosing the Green option for our Portland area Portland General Electric accounts, we are lessening the carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide released into the atmosphere contributing to air pollution and global climate change.

In Seattle, GreenUp! is the Green Power option available. By enrolling in this program offered by Seattle City Light, 100% of our electricity is offset with renewable energy as well, but the mix is completely different. With the GreenUp! option, 73% of the certified renewable energy comes from geothermal energy from the Raft River project in Idaho, 14% is from biogas (methane) energy from Dairy Digesters in Washington and Idaho, 10% is from wind energy, and 3% is from hydropower from small irrigation canal projects in Idaho.

Choosing these renewable energy options is the equivalent to:

  • Not driving 617,373 miles
  • 52 cars off the road for a year
  • Planting 749 trees
  • 553,547 lbs of CO2 not being released into the atmosphere 

By taking these simple steps and making the change to 100% renewable energy, Stacy and Witbeck is showing their commitment to renewable energy while also encouraging the development of Clean Energy in the Northwest.

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