SW Moody Avenue Project

City of Portland

Portland, Oregon

This complex project involved the temporary relocation of active streetcar tracks in order to construct a new roadway, 14 feet higher than the original, to support multiple projects in Portland’s South Waterfront District, including the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project - West Segment. This project was the first project in 40 years to use American-made girder rail (block rail), a result of innovation and hard work by the entire project team.

"Transportation is not an end to itself, it is a means. It’s about more than just the pavement we pour or the tracks we lay: it's the lifeline of this economy here in Oregon, here in Portland, here in this great part of the world. It’s the way we connect to each other, it’s the way we lead our lives and pursue our dreams."

Ray LaHood,

U.S. Secretary of Transportation
Groundbreaking of SW Moody Transit Project
March 22, 2011