Our highest priority is to ensure the well-being of our employees, subcontractors, and the public. We will never sacrifice safety to meet production goals—it is the cornerstone of everything we do.


We believe that delivering high-quality work is the responsibility of the entire project team, and we are committed to providing the necessary training, support, materials, and tools to achieve quality excellence.


We believe that the success of our projects depends on active and genuine partnership with our clients and business partners. We have worked diligently to create and maintain our reputation as one of the industry’s most honest, trustworthy, and communicative contractors.


We respect diversity and understand the richness different backgrounds and experiences bring to a workforce. Our efforts to build a diverse workforce are an ongoing part of our corporate culture. We are recognized for our ability to achieve employee and subcontractor diversity in every community where we work.


We're proud of the positive impact our projects have in our communities. We encourage our employees to engage with our neighbors and participate in local events, volunteer opportunities, and charitable efforts to enrich every community in which we work.


We are committed to sustainability at every level. We plan our work to minimize our carbon footprint, implement sustainable practices, use innovative approaches to reduce waste, and reuse materials whenever possible. We are ever evolving and steadfast in our commitment to ethical practices.

A worker wearing safety gear slices through a steal beam.



Commitment to Safety

Two trains sit end to end in front of a large building. The whole image is symetrical.




Alternative Delivery Projects

A train stop in a city at night.



Miles of Track Constructed

Two trains wait at a station.



Projects for Return Clients

Proven Construction Experts

Stacy and Witbeck offers a full range of construction and management services on complex rail and transportation projects. We specialize in “best value” delivery of challenging projects. We use our expertise to work collaboratively with project owners and designers to identify opportunities for constructability and value engineering solutions and achieve schedules that reduce cost and minimize revenue downtime. Staying focused on the project goals has established our reputation as the “go-to” contractor for many owner agencies.

Our talented workforce are experts in all aspects of construction including earthwork, utility work, structures, bridges, rail work, systems, and systems integration. We take pride in our superior client service, consistent construction excellence, and responsiveness to community concerns. Our safe, prompt, efficient, and fair construction practices have made us a valued partner, contractor, and employer.

With an unprecedented record of managing award-winning projects to the benefit of project owners, Stacy and Witbeck is known for the ability to manage the complex nature of a difficult project while creating a cooperative relationship with owners, stakeholders, and subcontractor resulting in a “zero claims” record on all projects.

As an employee-owned company, our assets are managed by those closest to the work – the highly trained, highly skilled, and resourceful members of the management and field staffs who continually demonstrate remarkable expertise in managing and constructing projects. This is a key foundation of our success and one of the reasons our project teams consistently go the extra mile to keep projects on track and customers satisfied.

Modern Railway Systems

Modern Railway Systems (MRS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stacy and Witbeck. MRS specializes in rail signal systems for transit owners and operating railroads. MRS provides complex systems to control train traffic, with capabilities extending to the communications, power distribution, and rail operations disciplines. MRS delivers turnkey projects for conceptual design through maintenance of installed systems. MRS is committed to functioning as an integrated team with all project stakeholders and providing each of their customers with the safest, most innovative, and cost-effective systems available.












Stacy and Witbeck is established in San Francisco. Our first signature project was the rehabilitation of the historic cable car lines in San Francisco.

San Francisco street car comes up over a steep hill.

We expand to Portland. In the years since, we’ve constructed the city’s entire streetcar system and multiple light rail and commuter rail lines.

The blue Portland Street car passes through a Portland street.

We start work in Salt Lake City and we’re still there! Since then, we’ve constructed over 135 miles of track in the region.

We expand to Washington! We have maintained our presence in the Evergreen State constructing and maintaining streetcar, light rail, and commuter rail systems.

We broaden our reach to the southwest, picking up our first job in Phoenix. We’re still actively building light rail, streetcar, and maintenance facilities in the area.

We won our first of many jobs in Denver, Dallas, and Houston, expanding our alternative delivery resume with these major CM/GC and design-build projects.

Modern Railway Systems joins the team as a wholly owned subsidiary specializing in signaling and communications.

We continue expanding with project wins in midwestern cities like Kansas City and Detroit. In the years since, the corridors in these two cities have experienced $9 billion in economic development.

We are awarded the $1.3 billion Mid-Coast Corridor Project in San Diego, our largest to date, and SANDAG’s first CM/GC procurement.

We continue our success in streetcar construction with a starter system in Oklahoma City.

We are contracted to rehabilitate the historic Pikes Peak and Manitou Springs Cog Railway, one of only two cog railways in the country!