Stacy Witbeck California CSLB #414305,2800 Harbor Bay Parkway
Alameda, CA 94502

We strive to ensure the least amount of disruption for the community, and we're proud of the positive, lasting impacts our projects have on these areas.

We have great pride in the positive impact our projects have on communities, understanding that our work shapes the very fabric of the neighborhoods in which we operate. That's why our employees actively engage with neighbors, volunteer their time and expertise, and participate in local events. We believe that by immersing ourselves in these communities, we can better understand their needs and foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

We are known industry-wide for our unwavering dedication to making construction activities less impactful on the communities in which we work. We make every effort to minimize disruption, whether it's through innovative construction techniques, advanced sustainability practices, or proactive communication with stakeholders.

By going the extra mile to ensure our projects align with the needs and values of each community, we build trust and foster long-term partnerships. We believe in leaving a lasting legacy that not only enhances the physical infrastructure but also enriches the lives of those who call these communities home.

Stacy Witbeck Foundation Spotlight

The Stacy Witbeck Foundation was formed to provide formal support for local charities in the communities in which we work and live. The Foundation is focused on causes that improve the lives of the underserved in our communities and provide opportunities for education, especially in construction.

“We’re active members of the communities in which we build. We make every effort to be good neighbors; in fact, our team is empowered to go above and beyond to make sure that our work positively impacts those around us!”

Kurt Kniffin, Executive Vice President, West

“Whether it was raising $25,000 for the veterans’ facility or working with West High School and the 'Neighborhood Works' programs to develop new opportunities with the low-income youth in the area, they left their mark on the community and will never be forgotten.”

General Manager, UTA

“Your emails are so informative and help us to plan our routes when we leave/enter the neighborhood, and we have clients or friends over. The workers are some of the nicest people I’ve ever been around during a construction project in the neighborhood.”

Kansas City resident

“Thanks go out to everyone for the efforts made to make the Tigers’ Opening Day a safe and successful event for Detroit. Special thanks to the crews from Stacy Witbeck for all their efforts.”

Detroit Tigers Ownership Group

“Stacy Witbeck is an excellent contractor to work with and goes above and beyond to make the project successful. They are very good at working with the community and businesses that are impacted by construction.”

Project Manager, Valley Metro

"I am the owner of SugarHouse BBQ. We have been in business for 16 years and recently have had to contend with the expansion of the light rail in our backyard. Luckily, we were working with Stacy Witbeck. Your team has been phenomenal, from communication to working out the kinks when things pop up. I could not have imagined a better team to work with. They actually care about the business that is being impacted, They do extra little things that help me as a business owner navigate through a very trying time.”

Business Owner, Salt Lake City